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My eyes are hurtin, I’m on the verge of tears

They hurt so bad, I’ve been repressing for years

I’m struggling to cry cause I think it’s wrong

But can’t do anything else, except write this song

The pain is real and it won’t go away

But if I let it all out, crumble I may


Please fix me.



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Your lyrics are well-received, NI. I intimately know that stinging tears feeling. Recently I have taken to using initials to address people here instead of their user names because well, I would feel awful calling anyone 'nobody important.' Each life is important, just as yours is. You have a gift for poetry. Please continue to visit. We are so glad you found this place to unload your troubles. Peace. 🕊✌️

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Welcome! I think it is good to let it all out and with tears. It is a lot of stress to hold it inside. Healing can’t start happening if there is nothing to work with. It might be hard yet will pay off in the long run. Sorry you are having such a hard time. Please keep coming back, reading, and posting. You matter to us here. 


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