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Favorite Food 8-]]


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I love all kinds of food 🙂  I went to culinary school years ago and got to discover lots of different cuisines from around the world.  But I think my favorites are pasta (which I eat about 3 times a week), Chinese (takeout style), Italian, French, Mexican, and also Cajun style (I love spicy too!).  

Oh and I even like some fast food like burgers, fries, chicken nuggets and all that stuff 😄  I'm definitely not much of a food snob haha

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More: Peanut butter fudge; sweet spicy chili Doritos; Jack In The Box eggrolls; Grape Nuts; snickerdoodle cookies; venison. You have no doubt surmised by now I do not do health food. 😏

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I love so many dishes and desserts:

Connecticut-style lobster roll

New England clam chowder

baked macaroni & cheese

tacos al pastor

frutti di mare

pad thai

Chinese fried dumplings

German chocolate cake

New York style cheesecake with cherries or strawberries



my dad's bbq ribs

my dad's chicken & dumplings

my aunt's seafood soup

anything with coconut, or a combo of peanut butter & chocolate


raisin bagel with cream cheese

Belgian waffle with strawberries and whipped cream

Spanish or Mexican rice. Or Indian coconut rice.

tortilla espanola

jerk chicken

anything with shrimp or clams


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I pretty much love it all, American food, Italian, Indian, Mexican, Chinese, on and on. I like all sweets. I don't prefer chocolate or vanilla I like em both. The only foods I don't like are cold cuts, subs, and certain condiments. 

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