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So, some arrogant YouTubers are mocking me over video game disagreements...

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Sorry if this is a confusing story, but I will try to explain everything to the best of my ability, so here goes...

Quite some time ago, I found this person's YouTube channel. He is called Nemesis. And Nemesis, if you didn't know, is a boss enemy in the Resident Evil franchise. So you can probably tell what his channel focuses on. Mostly, what he covers these days is opinions videos about the Resident Evil series. He used to have a hyphen after his name, because I think at one point, Google required you to have a second name. I'm not sure. But he shortened his name to just simply Nemesis. 

Anyway, I have been in various online platforms concerning these games since I was a teenager, so I know a lot of the members on the related forums can act venomous over the pettiest of things. This escalated to the point where trolls even created a page about me on a vile website, called Encyclopedia Dramatica, which also has information about incidents from my personal life. And I have been getting stalked by this creep from New Zealand over the past few years.

These other YouTubers with more subscribers than this guy, started making videos, essentially bashing the guy for yelling in his videos, and supposedly 'spreading misinformation' through what he was saying. That is nonsense. But anyway, that's what they did, starting in May of last year. Well, since I'm a fan of his channel, I thought they were going way overboard. I then made videos saying it was unprofessional, or at least considered to be unprofessional, to have gaming related YouTube channels, and using accounts to cyber bully somebody else on the Internet, just over their own views. After a while, they made videos about me as well, editing in scenes from movies and insulting me in what they thought was a relevant manner. Because, why not? That's what idiots like this love to do.

But in some videos, I was seen on camera touching a mouse in a bath tub, which they assumed was a rat. I mean, I even said it was a mouse. Thinking I was funny, I was pretending that a toothbrush was a microphone, because one of them said something about my teeth, but I actually just looked like a moron by doing that. I thought that kind of attitude of theirs was so vitriolic. But anyway, I went to jail for several months for something totally unrelated to all of this online stupidity, so I was not around from mid-August until early December, but they know I was in jail and they mentioned it in recent videos. The videos about Nemesis however, were still online as recently as a few days ago. They removed them because he seemingly 'improved himself' as a person, and they have ended their conflict with him.

But what occurred was, during my backlash against these guys, I had my own channels, and Nemesis turned against me because he found out I said something derogatory about America, where all of these guys I'm referring to, come from. I closed them all, but during the time I was responding, their followers started deliberately leaving comments, voting the videos down, false flagging them, or even archiving my videos elsewhere. I don't get anybody really noticing me on YouTube in general, because I'm not hugely popular. I've got zero talent when it comes to editing videos, and I speak rather fast, so it may be awkward trying to follow what I'm saying anyway. I also tend to get out of breath a lot too. In fact, I had been covering some acting stuff, which they thought was hilarious. 

Anyway, in a lot of the videos they uploaded to their channels, they are calling me a manchild, which I assume is a derogatory term for an autistic adult. I've been suffering from anxiety for years, and this kind of carry on just makes me feel low. They also know I like transgender people, so they mocked the fact I said I was into them by calling them traps. They also kept calling me a rat, and saying my accommodation is probably infested with them, as well as saying I resemble a rat. But I was also told I look like a rotted grapefruit that was screwed in the face by a chainsaw, and also going on about me having a "failed acting career", because I told them about my IMDb page.

Recently, I tried reporting the videos to YouTube. They've been talking to this Nemesis guy in an attempt to get him to side with them, and they say he's my senpai, or mentor, because I was following him in the past. Apparently, they've been talking about me on his Discord, or in private messages. I'm honestly so fed up of this kind of Internet harassment, because it started over a decade ago with other people who, quite frankly, are in the same category. I'm not sure why Google isn't removing the videos. But they try to bypass that hassle, by saying it's videos aimed at critique. 

I cannot embed every single video, because there's quite a lot in this list of theirs. But in one of their most recent videos, they tried to say that I probably went to jail because I'm a potential paedophile, while falsely accusing me of "beating women in the past", and they want me to go back to prison for a long time so they don't see me around online. Yeah, that's what this one guy was saying in one of his videos, because I told them to lay off bothering people over video game debates, and I got the address of one of their mothers via the fact he uses his real name on PayPal, so I looked him up in case I need to contact the authorities in Illinois. It's quite ridiculous, but I guess it's hard to avoid this type of abuse on YouTube if you have a large channel that constantly keeps attracting trolls like these guys. At the end of the day, you should be able to state how you truly feel about a game or whatever, without fear of being hounded in this fashion.

RE: Refuting Peter Anderson One Last Time (End Of The Nemesis Saga) - YouTube [Renegade Operative]


Triggering Into An Unhealthy Obsession - YouTube [BioDevil_Dom]


RE - Peter Anderson: The Final Nail In The Coffin! Nemesis Responds To The Situation - YouTube [Renegade Operative]




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@Rebecca Chambers,

I'm so sorry to hear about what has happened and what you went through! It's really unfortunate people never seem to grow up and still somehow continue to live with more sodium and salt in their bloodstream than they can handle. Especially like those people you explained about, it's obvious they love the gossip and act of putting people down, mainly because they got nothing else going on their lives and their videos aren't getting enough attention as it is

Did you try emailing or contacting YouTube support about this? It's really not cool to have people make you look dumb like that with such insults. Try reaching out to any help you can get from YouTube if you can

Again, I'm so sorry you had to experience something as stressful and irritable as that. I hope someone can help you and do something about those videos. I don't know how you feel about making a response video- if you haven't done one before in the past

I wish you the best in this station.

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On February 27, 2019 at 4:23 AM, Rebecca Chambers said:

I'll try calling the cops in Illinois, so that hopefully will be the end of this guy's vindictive ways. 😎

If you do call the cops, just please have proof of the harm they've been doing against you. It would really be unfortunate for you to call them and have them blow it off because it sounds like some beef over YouTube.

See what YouTube support thinks about it too, but you might want to either get their opinion first or alongside that of an actual officer

Be careful, pal

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You know? It's kind of funny how one of my haters, did a live stream with two other guys in late 2016, talking about toxic fans for Resident Evil... when they themselves are toxic YouTubers, because they made a series of hate videos about this Nemesis fellow, when all he was doing at that point in time, was speaking the truth about a company that has been milking this franchise dry for a number of years. Over a decade, actually. Well, I unfortunately cannot say the same about Nemesis these days, because he went back on his word about Capcom, after they released that God awful Resident Evil 2 "remake" in January. A remake that I may add, is not characteristic of the original at all.

He kept talking about how Capcom was lying to their fans, and suggesting that people don't open their wallets to enable them to do this anymore. Yet as the release date neared, he claimed that, and this is Nemesis by the way... Nemesis claimed that he was not going to buy the remake at all, because he was acting so unsure of Capcom's motives, while putting on a brave face for his followers. He went on and on about Capcom being money grabbers in his videos, to the point where in at least one video he has since removed, he was on the verge of crying. He even said last year, that during the E3 event, his live stream rights was cut off because 'Capcom knew what he was doing' and Capcom really, really does not care about this man's opinions whatsoever. He has it embedded in his brain now that he believes they are onto him, but it's not a case of that at all. And it was not long after that, that I sent videos to Dominik and his mate, saying that they were being unprofessional, and all this stuff, and I had the same outcome. But I said a very derogatory thing about America in one of my comments, so Nemesis chose to stick up for them, and suddenly he forgot that they were mocking him, and this all started because these same two guys didn't like his channel. Yep!

Partly due to my controversial ways, they got on the same page, and eventually deleted the videos that focused specifically on bashing Nemesis. I was literally saving them to my drive as they removed them, after I saw a tweet by one of them, stating that they were going to be taken down. Whereas, if they had not advertised that they were going to delete them, I would not have been able to archive them in time. I only just missed out on saving a few of these videos, because I literally refreshed the page and some were gone, but I did manage to save the most relevant ones.

They say that Nemesis bettered himself as a person, so their beef with him has ended. No. What he actually did, was grow a beard, and act like he is the second coming of Jesus Christ. When I watch his newer videos, I don't see that same old ballsy "Senpai Nemesis" any longer. Now, I see Sell-out Nemesis. All I see is a guy that believes he has bragging rights, because he has amassed almost 4K subs. So I guess it's okay to be a phoney and yell, and curse like a tool, when you have 4K fans supporting you all the way.

I don't know if I want to label him as a sell-out, because it may make me look salty if I say that he is, since he did turn on me. But if you're going to rant and rave about stuff for 2 years constantly, at least don't make yourself look like a prat at the end of it all by going back on your oath not to buy something, thus associating yourself with a company you claim to strongly dislike. Not buying a game means exactly that. If you boast of how you ain't going to be a certain way towards a company, and how you think they disespected key personnel that worked on the classic titles that are no longer employees of that place, then you don't decide to be a contradicting little chicken when it comes to the crunch.

This is what I mean. As long as that name is slapped on this piece of trash, they will always get these suckers to buy it no matter what. Even the odd few people like this man, who present themselves as a heroic figure on camera, and pretty much demand that you boycott a company, and they will talk the talk, but they cannot ever seem to walk the walk. "Oh, I hate this company so much, and I will not give them my custom, but I see it's out tomorrow, so I better buy this and stream it online because my viewers asked me to" AKA being a liar. It's that attitude that has allowed Capcom to do what they've been doing to so many of their biggest franchises, for way too long.

I just hate how gaming companies, and also Hollywood, tries their damndest to **** off our childhoods. I'm not joking either. People think I'm being a rambling lunatic for saying stuff like that, but it's true. I feel as if Capcom deliberately removed a lot of the key elements to the series on purpose, like when they had the main villain (Albert Wesker) dying, and taken away the tank controls, and the outdated camera perspective, because they know that those type of games would never gain the same type of market as the more action oriented entries presented with Resident Evil 4 up to now. It's honestly like painting a masterpiece and having somebody visit your gallery to view your work, just to throw a bucket of their poop at your prized creation. Essentially, this is how Capcom views the true fans of Resident Evil. They really just forgot what made these games so great to begin with.

Other people have made criticism videos, sure. But I really felt like Nemesis had hit a home run with his points. I mean, the Resident Evil games put out by Capcom since 2005 haven't quite been anything like the ones from the PlayStation era, despite the improvement with technology as we know it. Of course, if you don't follow these games, you won't know much about the story, who ditched who, or why purists have been harping on about it as much as they have been. But take my word for it: I think the community for these games, is a haven for scum.

I honestly could hardly hear what the third guy was speaking about, as he talks in such a disinterested, frog croak like manner with Dominik and Ren, who talks like a New York City gangbanger who has been around the block a few times, doing much of the chit-chat instead, but this was a Q&A type stream where they were asking each other what they thought of the fans hating on other fans, and also going on about what they hope to see for future titles. Also kind of ironic of them to criticize purists for video games, considering they made those videos about me, and are refusing to erase these, because they think it "bothers me" that they did that. In general, however, they don't really add anything of quality to YouTube or the online world at all, unlike myself and Nemesis. These guys can't cut it in the real world, so they have to turn to a digital life, and their anger really shines through on-screen.

2019 will definitely be my last year on forums; I can see it being a long summer too, because I have a social anxiety problem, and don't go out much, which of course indicates that I obsess over stuff that occurs on the Internet. Just irrelevant nonsense that in the grand scheme of things, should be shrugged off. Not having support any more certainly does not help the situation, but I feel like I have to be on forums less and less now. It is like a drug that you have to wane off from, sometimes slowly. You know it is not good for you to keep on going, but you do it anyway. You have to will yourself to a point where you can just learn to take a measure of responsibility, and not further their cause.




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