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My doctor just put me on Topomax a couple of days ago...I was wondering if anyone here is taking that and if so, how does it affect you?? So far, all it is doing to me is making me feel weird and making me feel really grumpy...I was put on it for a number of different things, my headaches, weight and mood..Any comments or suggestions about this medication would be most appreciated!! --Paris43 8-]]

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Update: I am now off of the Topamax--My father is a retired pharmacist and I asked him if I should call the doctor about the Topamax and he said no, that I could stop taking it..My father was a pharmacist for 30+ years and he gives me good advice about my meds., so, that is why I stopped taking it..My mood is a lot better now...I no longer feel so grumpy..8-]]

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