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Mr Bighead

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Are there any other epileptics here? I have always wondered whether this disease manifests itself more often in depressed people. Mine is medically controlled, so I'm lucky in that respect. My epilepsy meds--lamitcal--contribute to my depression if I cannot exercise vigorously to offset the effects, but I've tried three different meds over the years and found it has the least detrimental side effects. Others had me wandering around in a daze or brought on flashes of anger. Fun stuff...

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Hi Mr. Bighead,

Sorry to hear your combination of problems.  I'm not an epilepsy suferer, but as a teen I dated a young lady who was.  I do remember looking over her and after her during the rare grand mal seizures.  I don't know what, if any, meds she took.  Thinking back, she never talked about it at all.  Helplessness defines depression and epilepsy.  She had no control over when or why, and no memory, the "falling" sickness, just waking on the ground after a bad attack.  I'm thankful to hear your situation is for the most part under control with meds, but you are very much the victim of a double whammy.  My girlfriend was a lot of things, but depressed didn't appear to be one of them.  Sometimes I think things just aren't fair, and then I hear of a person like yourself and think, son-of-a-beech, things are definitely not fair.  

I hope you find relief for depression, and also hope for continued--relative--success treating your epilepsy.

best, Bulgakov

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My best friend in college suffered from both epilepsy and depression.  That was back in the 1970's and both epilepsy and depression were poorly understood as were any links between the two.  My best friend's life was hard and he suffered many nightmarish ordeals.   I hope you will write more about your experiences.  My heart goes out to you ! ! !  - epictetus

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