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Hello. I have suffered from depression on and off for about thirty years now. I live an isolated/alienated existence, and have for some time. I treat with marijuana, meditation, and Stoic philosophy, but I'm obviously not cured. It gets worse the older I get, so bad I'm considering prescription meds, which I avoid unless there is no other choice. There might not be. Anyway, I'm hoping to receive some insight into all of these issues.

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Welcome Mr Bighead friend to our forum family.

We are here to help each other as best we can.

Our goal is to not leave anyone behind in their depression cave.

My approach is to recognize the metaphorical nature of depression.

I don't think in terms of a cure but I believe depression is a natural formation/resource.

My depression isn't going away so I may as well put it to use.

I hope you will stick with us and keep posting.

You won't be alone and isolated with us.


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Welcome. I recently tried reducing my prescription meds, tapering slowly etc but soon realised that they were actually working on my depression so I am now back on my prescribed dosage with some extras because if the interuption. Finding the right pill can be a challenge......i take Duloxetine.

i’m interested how you thought marijuana helped with depressio,n, just be ause my perspective is that uts a relaxant, good for anxiety but  working against motivation and focus.  Would appreciate your thoughts,  I have nothing against pot just concerned it might maje mw worse.

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Welcome! Glad that you reached out and found us. I was desperate enough to try meds and they are helping if we can get the right combination and dosage. It is a long, hard battle. You are not alone. Keep coming back, reading, and posting. It can help. We will be glad to support you in this hard time as best we can.


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