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Don't want to be here anymore


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Hey, I don't understand why people, especially women, don't like me.  I mean I keep well groomed and upkeep with m hygiene, and I treat everyone I meet kindly and with respect, like I'd want them to treat me.  Yet I have few friends, especially women friends.  I just don't understand.  I am coming off of crystal meth, and have felt very depressed for the past month.  I want to off myself so I won't have to live a shitty life.  Does anyone know the best way that I could **** myself? Thanks.

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Discussion of specific suicide methods isn't allowed on this forum, we're here to support each other, not to help each other commit suicide. 

I'd love to know more about your situation to try to help you figure out something more productive but not sure if you're even reading this since you keep posting the same thing without ever responding to anyone. 

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