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Any Suggestions?

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So, I´ve taken  celexa, zoloft, and prozac.... none of which worked for my anxiety or depression and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions other than benzos specifically for anxiety (if it also treats depression that is fine but im mostly looking for that anxiety aspect) I am going to my psychiatrist in about 15 hours and I plan to talk to her about it since I have to have my med switched anyway. I just know my anxiety will probably be the cause of my breakdown if I have one or mania, since I dont concern myself about the depression- as much-. And since I am taking a public speaking course starting friday with my college I just know I am going to need help soon. I have not been in the mental hospital before and I plan to avoid it if possible but if I have a break down before we find the right meds my therapist and psychiatrist have agreed to keep me inpatient until we find something that helps, but I really dont want to be behind in my classes. Sorry about the rant at the end i am currently panicking because I am going to miss a final for this appointment tomorrow and make up for it on friday.

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Maybe finding out what's making you anxious, or even doing something that is calming, or relaxing to you or even finding another option can help. I hope you find a way! Or can rely on seek out or receive the support, help or assistance you need. 

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