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Kinda struggling today and just need to say something to people that understand how a I feel. I wish I i didn't feel so distant and disconnected from people, especially my family and friends. So tired of feeling lonely. I guess I just need a hug since I don't get those very often. Not a goodbye see ya later hug, but a tight really care about you hug. 

I feel like a burden. Maybe I'm not in reality, but I sure feel like it. 

Life just feels kinda dull. Also I'm kinda worried cause I haven't SH in almost 3 weeks now and almost relapsed this morning.

thank you for letting me vent. Hope everyone out there is doing ok.

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Venting is good, particularly here...where you AREN'T a burden.  I'm sorry you're having a sucky day today.  If any consolation, mine have been pretty lousy since Friday, and horrible yesterday...which was, quite literally, a moment at a time.  Hate days like that.

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Sometimes when I'm feeling really down and in desperate need for a hug, I ask the very first person (That I know) for a big hug.  In the mornings, it is usually a co-worker or even my boss.  If it's after work it will usually be my neighbor, who is always outside for some reasons or another.  If it's later in the day, I'm usually out of luck, but I'll find a little consolation in just thinking of someone tomorrow that I can ask, or just knowing that I'll get one.

Believe it or not, nobody ever says no, and if they notice that I'm a little down, they don't bring it up.  It's just a free hug.  Sometimes I'll give the hardest bear hug I can and pick them up off the ground, other times it's just a light pat on the back.

If there is just no one around, or I can't bring myself to ask, I usually just push through it, entertaining my brain with what I will do at the gym today or some such.  It doesn't help, but if anyone else has a better idea, I'm all ears!

Hope that helps, otherwise I can only say I'd give you one in a heartbeat if I could.  I love hugs.

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