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Random anxiety attacks while on Efferxor XR

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I have been on Effexor since the end of August. I am now up to 150mg a day. Just in in the last

month I have had a few random anxiety attacks.  Never at home,only out in public with the latest

one being last night at my sisters house. I can't figure out what is causing these. The situations

I have been in have not been stressful. Anyone have any suggestions? I don't see my doctor till  the 17th.

Thanks and Happy Holidays!

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Hi and welcome to the Forums,  Trish.

Anxiety attacks are a nightmare!  I am no stranger to them.  Do you remember what you were thinking just before the attacks?  If you can, I might have some suggestions for you.  I am so sorry you are going through this ordeal ! ! !  - epictetus

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Effexor at 150 mg and above acts on norepinephrine reuptake inhibition, which, in your case, may be causing the panic attacks (norepinephrine is very stimulating for most people). It could be that you need to back the dose down or switch to an SSRI which doesn't have norepinephrine reuptake inhibition (unless you've tried most or all SSRIs), in which case Cymbalta might be a good SNRI to try.

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