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Increasing dose to 30 mg from 15mg; what have you experienced?


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My psychiatrist thinks that my 15mg dosage isnt cutting it as I have been having more depressed/stinking thinking (thoughts of self-harm, intense pessimism, dreadful fear, etc) . She suggested that I take 30 mg. I told her I wasn't comfortable with this since I had never taken that much before. What have others experienced? Is there less sedation during the day? Any weird side effects? I realized everyone's brain chemistry is different but looking for general feedback to make me feel better. 



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On 12/23/2018 at 12:53 AM, mikl_pls said:

Lower doses of mirtazapine are more sedating, whereas higher doses can actually be a bit stimulating. Higher doses are better for depression, while lower doses are better for sedation and weight gain.

I totally agree with you they started me out on 15mg. But I only took half because I was weary of a new med, and it worked, so I felt calmer and “finally “ went to sleep! So I agree lower doses of this medication do a better job!!

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