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"What Was The Last Movie(S) You Saw, And What Did You Think Of It?" #3

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Girls Town (1959) - This is a very campy juvenile delinquent film which is b-movie all the way but somehow got a release from MGM. According to a YouTube commentator, it was even something of a hit.  Mamie Van Doreen looks magnificent and is brillianty bad in the starring role. 

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I thought it was trash haha. Hit a lot of wrong notes for me - the colors, lots of suspension of disbelief moments, over-the-top forgettable characters, hideously annoying main villain (to the point I never wanna see this guy in another movie ever). I did like Mads Mikkelsen and Vanessa Hudgens, but they could only do so much. Definitely a movie for someone (e.g. if you like Crank maybe?), just not for me.


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Sorry for long list. My anxiety is high and writing lists is a good distraction. I pretty much cleared out my 2018 watchlist in December/January. Some movies I watched:

American Mary: I really liked the main actress. Everything else is pretty bad, but it's a B-horror so not like I was expecting much.

The Skin I Live In: I knew the reveal but it was still very tense leading up to it. Twisted. Recommended for people who like Game of Thrones.

Brimstone: Disturbing. Guy Pearce is like a super creepy Old West T1000. Too depressing to recommend, although it is a good film.

Our Homeland: I almost wanna call this a slice-of-life movie but it's about a North Korean visiting his family in Japan. Bittersweet.

Mr. Long: I loved this movie! I thought it was gonna be like Mr. Nanny or The Tooth Fairy, but it's a more realistic version of that type of movie. Absolutely not for kids. Maybe my favorite movie of 2018 (ignoring I watched it in January).

It Comes At Night: Depressing.

Silence: Super depressing.

Devils on the Doorstep: Funny and then depressing. That ending...whew!

The Camellia Girl: After the first like 10 minutes, I thought this was some weird softcore porn. It's not. It's just really really really weird. I like weird, but all the characters are so unlikeable.

Survival Family: Annoying family, but you warm up to them. It takes a long time though. A lot more realistic than most movie/tv approaches to apocalypses. There's no roving cannibal gangs or anything like that. Nice if you want to watch a not-too-grim apocalypse type of movie.

Over the Fence: So disappointing. I love the lead actors and actress and was so excited to watch this. Unpleasant.

Birds without Names: Watched for Yuu Aoi. Lots of non-explicit smut.  Sadao Abe is incredibly annoying in this. Film seems to glorify stalker-ish type of "love". Irritating.

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Hit upon a classic I'd ignored for years, "The Barefoot Contessa" (1954) with Ava Gardner and Humphrey Bogart.  Rags to riches tragedy via Bogey's personal flashbacks about her during Gardner's funeral.  Intricate and intimate storyline, imo, carefully developed characters, made all the better by exquisite lighting and cinematography.  Ava Gardner is absolutely at her ravishing peak.  I can only begin to imagine the effect her image had when projected on a large screen.

The film also helped me weather a particularly bad night last night.

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