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Not sure if anyone has read any of my prior posts about starting on Celexa (10mg) for Depression/GAD/Panic attacks/OCD (ruminating) but I thought I would give an update for anyone who may be starting this medication for the first time because I know how scary it can be and how we tend to go to positive posts to make us feel better about taking it so here is my look on it so far. I have also taken Zoloft in the past and had success with that one too for years and had the initial start up effects which went away. 

The first week or so was a little rough, a tiny bit of nausia that I would compare to missing a meal and feeling a little nausiated (very mild). I noticed that my hands and feet were sweating quite a bit, also not bothersome (the nausia has pretty much gone now) . And my initial symptoms for which I'm taking it seemed to get a little worse, and could possibly be due to the fact I was nervous to begin with and took a little time to feel secure in taking it which I have pretty much at this point. I noticed small waves of relief after about a week, and they were very small but noticeable and I noticed that when I got back to feeling bad I would overlook those times which I shouldn't have. I'm now on Day 11 and I actually had a good night last night, and also a good morning today I'd say on a scale of 1-10 10 being the best I'm at a 5 which when I started out I was around a 2 lol, yes I was a mess so that is a huge improvement! I'm starting to be able to think a little clearer which is a huge step also. I know that it is still early in this stage of the medication and I am on a very low dose and there will be bumps in the road but if I can have more and more times or days like this, I would say that it's a very good start. So, just to those of you who are reading this that felt like I did about taking a medication and you're scared but you really want to feel better, or at least back to normal or yourself it is definitely worth a try, and don't be afraid of bumps in the road when starting for the 1-3 weeks I'd say because it's the ending result that you have to keep focusing on and that is being back to feeling okay and able to live life how you should be. If for some reason after a few weeks you're still not feeling much better or having side effects, definitely talk to your doctor, doesn't necessarily mean it's not going to work just may need your dosage adjusted so don't get discouraged! 

Also, just wanted to add, I know now every A/D is right for everyone but just remember that once you do find the one that works it's worth pushing it through. 

Will try to post again further into the treatment. 

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