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Hello again, Geodon

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We meet again, old friend and nemesis, with our love/hate relationship. I admit it was good last time, at least while it lasted. Have you been cozying up to the very nice psychiatrist I saw today, you sneaky substance, you? Oh well, I hope you can help me with this mixed episode, which has been jerking me around the last couple weeks and decided to flatten and make me non-functional in the last few days? I have a life to live, as you know, and a 5-day exam starting tomorrow morning. Having just swallowed a starting dose of 40mg, I'm thinking it'd be really awesome if you could get to work like right now??!! And please leave me enough alert grey matter to be able to write something with at least a semblance of sense over the next few days.

Am I asking a lot? Yeah, yeah, that's what you said last time, while all 240mgs of you soaked into my brain every day. You came on a bit strong that time, let's just take it a bit slower this time around, ok? But you were good to me and you didn't carry out those threats of potential, horrible long-term side-effects from a relationship with you. Guess we'll be having (at least 500Kcal) candlelit dinners together for the next while. You do remember I'm polyamorous, don't you? Lamictal and Wellbutrin will be joining us, like before. 

I'm surrounded by people who care about me, got an acute appointment on 2 days notice with a friendly and astute doctor who listened and agreed with my assessment; how lucky can a person be? Hmmmm, I guess, I'd be luckier *without* a mixed episode, but I'll take what I can get.

How are all you others on Geodon doing?

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