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Finding a therapist for OCD

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I'm struggling here on what to look for to find a therapist who specializes in OCD. I've been reading a lot of things online of people who went to see a therapist who did not specialize in OCD and it didn't go well at all and actually made it worse. I've also never done therapy/counceling in my life so I am not familiar with it at all.  I've been reasearching therapists in my area but not exactly sure what to look for, or what to ask, and how do you know if they are the right therapist for you? If anyone has some input who has been through this search please let me know. 

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Hi Grounded,

I can offer a few basic ways to proceed, which I'm thinking is what you're asking for.  First, do what you're doing.  Look online, in the OCD thread, for therapists in your area that list the OCD as a specialty.  Look at comments by patients who've worked with the doc or counselor.  Usually a bio will give you educational background, years in practice, etc.  I recall there is a resource that might tell you whether, and how much, the person you've picked has been sued.  Just google the name, and malpractice might work.  As far as picking, there is no certainty, just be ready to change your pick if you're not comfortable on first consultation.

Pick three or so if you can.  Call their office, and ask if the person you've picked it accepting new patients.  That's why pick a few.  If they are, ask if he or she takes your insurance.  These are probably the first questions you have to answer to start. 

Have a first meeting, and see if you're compatible.  If you've not been officially diagnosed as having OCD by a pro, then you'll need to confirm that, or see if you fit into a "multi diagnostic" area,  another area with OCD tendencies, etc.

Again, any personal reference from someone in the OCD forum from your area could be very helpful, but these are first steps. 

Good luck, keep after it, I know you will,


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yes i definitely agree..pick a few and see which one takes your insurance. you can go to your insurances website too and see which ones are close to you ..read reviews online too, and their backgrounds and all...and see with which one you can feel the most comfortable with...that's an important thing to look for because you want someone who understands you and you can connect..good luck..


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