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overwhelming desire to use

sad in grand Rapids

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just got out of in patient and feel sever depression.  i am craving cannabis and need support please respond anything i want to get well but am feeling overwhelmed also might lose job. the mania is gone. when i left in patient i felt good but now that im alone im felling depressed. the doctor took me off zoloft. i think i left to early but it was cold and depressing. 

a problem I'm having a is id like to to na but i live with my parents and i don't want them to know. also  i rely on them for transportation. 

I'm 38 and I've have right to privacy. also i live in rural area and an uber is 30 bucks each way and i don't have a debit card. 

I'm going to go anxiety and depprsion groups. i want to join a church but no nothing about different churches in my area.

i don't I want to use but im in pain and know if i smoke some cannabis o will feel good. also i have a really hard time makinng  friends. im afraid i cant make friends,girl friend, ect.



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Do you have any church affiliation?  Were you raised in any particular faith?  That would be a good start.  Now if that is not an option, I would look up a Catholic priest because most of them have a lot of psychology and counseling background.  I don't think you even have to be Catholic to go to confession and just let him know that you are hurting and need some guidance.  Maybe he could steer you toward a better person who might be able to help.  If you call up a church and ask if someone there can talk to you about what you're going through you may just get the assistance you need.

BTW, I just found a yelp of the 10 Best Churches in Grand Rapids.  Maybe you could start there.

I hope you get peace!

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