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Ex reached out-what do I do?

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Hi Everyone,
I need some advice. My ex that I was dating for over 2.5 years wanted some space. I did no contact for 2 months and he reached out (we havent been together for 8 months but talked back and forth). We talked abit. He has started getting help. Understands that I am not to blame now. Taking accountability for his actions. I asked him what he wanted and he says he is not ready for a relationship right now, that he needs to fix himself. He loves me and misses me but he cannot commit to anyone. He doesn't know what he wants right now.
He wants to be friends.
What should I do? One hand I feel like I won't be respected if I stay as his friend when he says he isn't ready. But on the other, he is finally starting to get things.
Advice please.

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Hi Sarah. I'm probably not alone in feeling reluctant to offer relationship advice. My confidence about relationships lies in my ability to fail spectacularly. 😔

So rather than advise, I'll leave some questions. Perhaps the answers lie within you. 

Can you be friends, or does your heart truly want more?

If he faces a crisis or gets lonely and turns to you once more for intimacy, how will you feel?

Will a friendship with you ex affect prospects for new romantic relationships?

Would you still want to be his friend should he begin seeing someone new?

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It is good that he is taking time to work on bettering himself. That is so important for someone to do and is a very big and mature step. The time he is taking can also give you some time to figure out what is best for you and your relationship. Just make sure that the both of you are ready to be in a relationship again. Everything will fall into place! I hope everything works out.

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