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Can you recommend any positive uplifting movies?


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Seems like some of you guys have similar taste in movies. I was in fact going to watch some Forrest Gump yesterday hoping it'll help out with my mood. And Good Will Hunting was also one of my options. And also watched Little Miss Sunshine about a week ago, which is really one of my favorites. I love how the "dysfunctional" family members team up together and kick ass at the end lol. 

I haven't seen Second Hand Lions, Fried Green Tomatoes, or Willow but I'm about to check em out right now. THank you for all your inputs!

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Smokey and The Bandit works for me, I also like Bullet with Steve McQueen. ( yeah I'm a car guy ) can't go wrong with a little Clint The Good The Bad and the Ugly  and Unforgiven. Another movie I saw recently that I really liked was I Can Only Imagine. That was a WOW movie.

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