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Can't the pain anymore

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I'm feeling really anxious and depressed I feel like I'm going to do something stupid soon. I feel angrier and angrier every day. I so tried of being in constant physical and emotional pain. I saw new therapist yesterday and she is very nice. Still I'm feeling sorry for myself. Its just so hard. 

Also my blood pressure is still high and I dont know why. In addition I'm having so much trouble getting through a work day I just so worried about my health that I'm afraid for my life.

Also I'm checked out at work completely.





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hello sad, i am familiar with those feelings, keep talking to your therapist and don't hold anything back or hide things from them, they really cannot get to the root cause of your depression if they don't know everything bothering you, sometimes it can be things from the distant past that you may feel are irrelevant, keep working on yourself and things can get better

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36 minutes ago, JellyThou said:

Me too, I am feeling worse than usual. Days go on and on but nothing changes. I'm starting to believe I'm in the final stage. I'm going to **** myself.

Hang in there my friend and I can relate that some days are much worst

than others, but some kind of away we are going to make it to face another

day in this magnificent world that we live in and know so little about 

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