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Choose a new first name for yourself


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Great topic...legends from various  cultures around the world state more or less, that to know someone's name is to have power over them or their soul to be more accurate. The last 25 years of my life have been painful to say the least. And my name is of course associated with that pain. So it makes sense to me that you would ask this question because one's name could easily become synonymous with pain. At least it has in my case. So to answer your question I recently already started referring to myself privately, i e in journal entries, or when talking to myself in private, as Lily. I love that name.


P. S. Nicodemus is a very cool name!😊

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Piper. I grew up watching charmed and piper went from being a people pleaser to a badass who ruled the family. I watched her change and I admired her. I love the name....

6 hours ago, Natasha1 said:

Natasha haha...obvs not my real name

This is my real name and I’d change it lol

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