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I'm one of the most unnecessary person in the world


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I'm one of the most unnecessary person in the world. I've been in this mood since elementary school. I've always been asocial and this has finished my life. I never went to outside except school, never studied. I can't get into the community. I have a reading comprehension problem yes I do not understand, do not understand. I think mental retardation or see a sentence I read it I can not make an inference about the sentence I read directly away from my mind. I'm not a smart person I flunked in high school (I started to think that I had mental retardation after this class thing) Now i finished high school but I know that I can't win the university because I'm an idiot, idiot. I can not bring. I don't even go into the girl thing anyway. I swear to God, There are no more unnecessary people in the world than me. Sooner or later I'll have finished high school in the conditions of Turkey known my disposal this life is not easy at all but  when I think about of the minimum wage and that it puts the problem of lack of money. This makes me sick. I could have solved these problems immediately if I was rich. The world does not like the poor people, I believe that if I gather the courage before the military, I will commit suicide. I know that suicide is not an easy thing, but society doesn't give me another cure. I hate death, from my horrible life. It is a miracle that I will get better after that. I wish I hadn't been born. I wish i wasn't born, rather than spending 70 years as a nerdy loser.

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We need you to know how NOT "unnecessary" you are to us.

We value everyone here.

All of us have  experienced hell.

Life is no doubt challenging and very difficult.

Please despair not and try to focus on a FUNctional future.



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I’m very sorry JellyThou you feel this way.

I pray that you will not lose hope and you will have the strength you need each day. I hope you will overcome the difficulties  you are going through right now. You are in my prayers.

We care for you, please keep posting.You are here for a purpose.  I hope things will get better for you. Take care.

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