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Are there any DF support thread for members who loss job?


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After 3 years, the organisation I worked for have decided to terminate my employment.

now 2 things: unemployment money does not exist where I live, though I will get 2 months of salary in lieu of notice period

- disability almost doesn't exist in my country for mental illnesses. Even for physical disability its only if its as serious as loss of 2 or more limbs, or quadriplegic. The only mental illness I've heard of that got disability in my country is Alzheimer's disease. And disability pays too little to afford basic food anyways.

So does DF has support thread for members who lost their employment & income, and need to get back to employment? Like relearning how to write resumes, cover letters, & interview skills/tips advise

Because depression IS a chronic mental illness, which ONLY death/suicide is where suffers aren't at disadvantage

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