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Are these dangerous symptoms?

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Hi everyone, I'm writing this because I feel like I'm slowly drowning in false thoughts.

So it all started a couple months ago when I started smoking "the green stuff" while watching conspiracy theories on Youtube. Everything felt like it was real. Eventually these thoughts went away but I feel like they left something behind. Now I have this growing idea that the world is somehow controlled. That we are slaves to a system that is simply a tool to keep human minds busy doing work. 

These thoughts are becoming harder and harder to deal with. I'm still doing ok but I'd say I'm not "fine" with it anymore. In my day to day life, it's pushing me to make different choices. Buying different products with less chemicals because these chemicals could well be harmful on purpose, getting frustrated with my job because I think the only reason I work is to feed a slave driven system or even  thinking about buying my first house as far away from the city as possible.

Other thoughts could be: feeling watched from all the cameras on all devices (cellphones, laptops..) or feeling like everything I write or do online is being monitored by someone. The main reason I don't go see a mental health care professional is because I feel like if they find something wrong, I will be stuck with a "tag" and my whole life could be negatively impacted.

I know these are false thoughts but they are growing and it feels like it could go out of control at some point. Every variable in my life is going extremely well except for this one and it's very important that it doesn't break anything.

So what are your thoughts?
Any trick to fight these thoughts?

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Hi @JonathanP -- The drug you have mentioned is known for causing what is termed "Drug-induced psychosis."

Usually, once you stop taking the drug, and when it is expelled by the body, your psychotic symptoms subside.

However, there may well be residual symptoms of psychosis as a direct cause of taking the drug.

This is, of course, related to how strong the drug was, how much you took and the length of time in which you took it for. Other factors include your susceptibility to mental illness and genetic factors etc.

It may well be a case of the drug's active metabolites (which are a result of breaking down the drug in the liver) still being in your system, affecting your mental state.

But it may also be, that it has caused a chain-reaction of a psychotic illness (which would need assessment and treatment.)

The only suggestion is that you get checked out by a psychiatrist.


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Thank you Tungsten for your answer. I guess I'll wait a couple weeks and see if the symptoms go away. If they don't then I'll go get checked out by a professional. Do you have any advice on how to ignore or control these thoughts more easily ?

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Well, I'd say that if you're having an adverse reaction to your smoking habits, it will most likely fade in time.

However, I hear you about the issue with the paranoia. Sometimes, when people get paranoid, it isn't actually a symptom. Like, some of what you're worried about could be true TO AN EXTENT, but the drug and the conspiracy theories blew it out of proportion. I think the things you're worried about might actually be more true for high-profile people, but if you're an average person, there's no need to worry too much.

There's nothing wrong with buying organic or alternative products! Some things actually have a lot of chemical components now. They're generally safe, and not everyone has trouble processing them, but hey; if you feel better without them, why not change?

The job frustration is something I also understand. I don't think it's premeditated class warfare, though. Human nature is too chaotic, and there isn't so much of a class system these days. I think it's more to do with the way humans enact the 'survival of the fittest' philosophy without really being conscious of it. Employers will pay the least possible wage for the most possible hours 95% of the time, but it isn't about supremacy. It's just bog--standard greed and expediency.

There's also nothing wrong with buying an out-of-city house if that makes you comfortable.

There are cameras everywhere now, it's true, but what it comes down to is really; what interest do you hold to anyone who might be watching? Unless you're important on a national or international scale, the only possible people who would care are probably not part of worldwide, secret organisations. When you think about it, there are billions of people on the planet. You'd have to do something very noteworthy (in others' eyes) to get the time of day from a camera hack, or it would be wasting their time.

A lot of what you do and write online is monitored. That's a known fact, not even a conspiracy. There are ways to minimise this, as it is almost all for the sake of advertising, (unless, of course, you do something noteworthy on a global scale.) I can give you a link to some helpful ideas if you like.

As for conspiracy theories, I find they're a waste of time. If you have fears, there's usually a more factual way to look at the probabilities that doesn't involve either a conspiracy theorist or a government-approved publication.

I understand your fear of seeing a therapist. It might pay to see if you feel any better first, since diagnosing that sort of thing is difficult to begin with, and it would be a nuisance for you to end up with a diagnosis and medications you don't need.

I don't know if this makes you feel any better, (and if it doesn't, that's ok! Your brain is your brain, after all, and you know how you feel.) But I hope you'll be ok.

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