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Finally i see lights


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There is light at the end of my dark tunnel finally.  Not long ago I was so depressed, my doctor was unavailable so I went to the emergency to get some medication well needed.  I was working for a director that approach you in a very nice way but underneath there is a bad witch.  She left to work somewhere else but before leaving she told me that I should go on prolong disability.  She told me that simply because in January I had a major break down and was hospitalise for 17 days in a mental unit.  Well that was then and this is now right, also this happen when I was working for her so… She also told me that the reason that I should go on disability was that she didn’t believe that I could support the stress coming back at the DGO office now that she was gone.  Okidouki here I am now at the DGO office yes I work hard after all it is the director general office so what do you expect but I could not be happier I report to Lorraine which respect me and believe in me and my potential.  Finally after being destroy by a witch I am now under a nice fairy godmother.      

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