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Wasted My Life Away: Have Hit Emotional Rock Bottom

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I've spent most of my life posting on internet forums, although I never imagined I'd have to turn to a place like this one day. But well, here I am.

To keep things short and simple, I've gone through life so far without ever getting a job, developing numerous skills, or having a social life outside the internet. Instead, I indulged myself in computer gaming and other means of online and mental escapism. I'm now 30, and recent events are transpiring so that I'm no longer able to drown out my longstanding issues as I was once able to do. As someone who has always struggled with feeling powerless and unmotivated, having to think about the future has left me more emotionally debilitated than at any point in my entire life. Not only do I find myself frequently collapsing onto my bed to sulk, I've pretty much isolated myself from the people I'm forced to deal with in my day-to-day life.

I like to think I can change and become a person capable of independent functioning in the real world, but I always end up envisioning a series of insurmountable obstacles keeping me stuck in this abyss. And so, I inevitably either give up or otherwise doing nothing to begin with. Not looking forward to the future at all, but hey, that's the price I pay for bumming about in my youth.

So that's pretty much me in a nutshell, I guess.....

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It always makes me really sad to read posts like this, because I felt this way too in my past. I was very behind my peers, I would say by 8 years or so. Only recently have I caught up enough that I don't feel embarrassed and ashamed. What you need to do is get job experience, and take some classes to develop your skillsets. I recommend you start off with classes that can help you learn the basics like MS Office, basic financial and other administrative stuff. Most cities have what's called a Workforce Investment Board or the like, and they offer free or low cost classes/programs to help unemployed peole acquire useful skillsets. 

Ideally, you will also go to school and obtain a degree at some point. Many community colleges offer online GE classes, so you can acquire all the units you need to transfer online. You can also get an Associates Degree online. Alternatively, you can acquire a professional certificate in something and skip the degree route.

Whatever you choose, you need to act now. If you start now, then by 35, you can be living independently, have an education and be a skilled worker. It's going to take hard work and determination but you will have a hell of a lot more respect for yourself during and afterwards.

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Hi Rene,

Welcome to the forum!

It’s not too late to start your career. You can start finding a job now or you can also start going to school. Please don’t lose hope. Whatever path you choose, I pray that you will be successful.

Thank you for sharing this. Please update us. Take care.

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