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Opening Up With The Therapist


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Don't know exactly where this goes, so I'll just throw it here.

So...Friday is my third appointment with my therapist and I feel like I'm kind of spinning my wheels with him right now. I don't mind talking to him, and it's not like it's all silence, but I'm wondering when I should actually tell him everything that's going on with me?

 I avoided it, initially, because I wanted him to make his own judgment of me and not go by the things I'm telling him is wrong. That being said, I feel like we're just wasting each other's time dancing around topics, at this point, and if I want to get better, there are things that need to be said and heard.

 Anybody have any thoughts other than, "When you're ready, you'll talk?" That's the thing that keep telling my self with this, but I'm not getting any better not saying anything, either.


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Good timing for the post @TheSandman.  We're in similar situations, my fourth session with my new T tomorrow.  My mantra usually has been share-check-share.  That is, like @BeyondWeary said, share something and notice the response before continuing.  "Dancing around issues" sounds similar. 

This is the first T in many years I feel may actually have his sh#t together.  That said, we're still getting to know each other.  And I'm only one of scores of patients he has.  He doesn't have instant recall.

Since you asked for suggestions, I'll keep it simple.  What if you told your T exactly what you just told us?  It's very useful feedback.  From his POV, you'd be giving him a way to approach your sessions.

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I think the answer is " soon". Thats the point of going. If you find you're comfortable with the person, dancing around the fact that you were abused as a kid is just wasting time. Throw everything on the table and see if the therapist can organize the mess. That's the goal, right? 

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