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Need a new doctor


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Need a new doctor I’m wondering if it is normal to have to wait 4 months for an appointment with your family doctor.  When I call his office the secretary never answer and on the voice mail they say if this is an emergency go to the emergency well… Got to do what you need to do so… I was on Abilify and Lorazepam but had a relapse was feeling very depressed, wanted to go see my doctor but needed to go to the emergency instead.  They boosted my Abilify and Lorazepam and gave me also Zoloft now I am feeling great I do have now an appointment with my family doctor because the emergency call him until I see him I need to work on my anger just want to strangle him.  Anybody else got problem seeing their family doctor when requested. I am now looking for a new doctor needed to wait 8 hours at the emergency to get some medications and need to go see my family doctor anyway to get more medications.       

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Yes, unfortunately they seem to always over book their clients and it does not leave

much wiggle room for a patient to get right in and see their doctor for new symptoms

and more serve problems.  The ER cost a whole lot more money than to see your regular

doctor but that is now the world we live in.  It's all  about business instead of really being

concerned about the needs of the people.  If you find a very good doctor you better stick

with him or her because it is not everyday that you find a doctor that really cares about

you as a person.

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At least you were able to augment you abilify with an ssri that is working. That is a great thing from the ER.  So that says you really might need a new doctor. 

But yes doctors do over book and have policies that often put patients on the back burner.  It is the one reason I hate taking meds.  I feel as though my life is at the mercy of the doctors.

I myself battle with clinical depression and have been blessed with an awesome doctor that supports me like a sister.  But.... I also have ssri treatment resistance and am having to return to Paxil as it is the only med that works well.  However, I am terrified to because if I loose this doctor for some reason and can't get my script filled I am in for a major withdrawal nightmare.



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