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New and airing it out..


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Hi all. I'm a 47 y/o female that has no friends and no-body to talk to. Even though I am married to the love of my life, he is a good guy but not a good talker. I hardly see him anymore anyway since he works so much. I had a daughter when I was 42. I was told I couldn't get pregnant and oops, here she is! I love her with all my heart but I think everything in my life has just gone down hill ever since I had her. The responsibility for ones life is overwhelming especially since I am dealing with her basically on my own and feel like a single mother. I have a full time job, live in NY and my daughter is in Pre-K full time this year. I'm aggravated all day, can't sleep and get pi**y with my husband when he is home and doesn't help with my daughter. I feel run down and have panic attacks often when I feel most overwhelmed. I don't go anywhere since I have no friends except to a movie with my husband every few months when he is not working and get an expensive babysitter since we have nobody to watch her for a few hours. My in laws are weird people and don't care to watch her if we go out but visit her once a week. They don't offer to help. They said only on an emergency that they will watch her. That's another issue but I feel I've lost all direction in my life and wake up every day in tears because it's like rinse and repeat every day.

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Welcome Mamaofone! Sorry you are having such a hard time of things. My heart goes out to you. I think seeing a good therapist would help you deal with things and get support as well as keep coming to this Forum. You are not alone and we understand as few others can. So, keep posting.

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My friend I do understand your situation when my kids was small I would work two

jobs and when I got in from work my kids would start to crying and my wife would

 be just the snoring and didn't hear a thing,  So, hang in there my friend and just tell

your husband that you need more help from him or he just can pay for a baby sitter

so that you can be able to get a break from the job and the home life because he is

not aware of how difficult it is to be a wife, mother, labor and take care of his needs.

Hang in there my friend and I hope that your Husband rise up and become the man

of your Childhood Dreams.  

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Sounds like me and you have a lot in common minus the husband.  I am a single mom of 5 year old work 6 days a week and have only 2 close friends one that lives out of state and one friend that loses contact with me for years at a tine and somehow we reunite like nothing has happen.

You are not alone and I’m new here and learning I’m not alone in my feelings, although I’m physically alone.

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