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Sever sleeping issues

sad in grand Rapids

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I've continued to have sleep issues and have an appointment with sleep specialists but have to wait till Oct 30. I think I must have sleep apnea because I'm able to sleep and only wake up once a night but I've even slept 12 hours and not felt rested. I'm so frustrated and feeling very depressed . I was all set to make changes but am hardly ever rested and as such cant do anything. 

I'm taking melatonin was apparently taking to much. 

Some good news is I've really cut back on drinking and herb. This has made me realize that the palpitations I was getting only happen when I do these things although only once ever 4 times or so. 

I've also lost more weight probably as a result of cutting down on those things.  

Unfortunately once I got all clear on my heart I haven't been eating very well. I'm eating less but still very poorly. 

I feel so frustrated I also keep putting of finding therapists as I've been to tired to do so. 







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I can relate, some days i wake exhausted like i didnt sleep at all....except i did.

Did a sleep study once, it was inconclusive. Couldnt sleep in the freezing room with nurses crunching potato chip bags all night and babbling away. They actually said i did stop breathing once briefly. Whatever..

Thought about testing again, but i couldnt sleep with a gas mask on all night anyway so whats the point?

Would be interesting to know if apnea was causing me troubles though...

Drinking makes you fall asleep ok, but then you wake up ina couple of hours and cant get back to sleep. Messes with your brain too much...plus it makes depression worse. Not a great idea.

Prob have to force yourself to go out and do things. Sleeping/hiding gets to be a habit.

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