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Goodnight thread


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5 hours ago, jeremiah said:

For those of us with noone to say goodnight to I thought it would be nice to have a good night thread.

I realise we are in many different time zones here but I'm hoping there might be some of us in sync with our bedtimes..

It's comforting to have a goodnight isn't it? 🌷

That's gotta be the sweetest idea!  Thank you Jeremiah!

I'm already up so I hope everyone has a lovely day.  At night, may our dreams be comforting and peaceful 🙂

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I agree.

We should ignore that old man, he's a barsteward for sure.

I'm getting better at ignoring him. Sometimes I even laugh at him a bit. Don't think he likes it ha!

I'm heading to bedfordshire (to bed) shortly and as usual can't wait. Best part of the day....

Goodnight Oscar, goodnight all 🤫

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We all have a colossal tool chest of metaphors and a massive medicine cabinet of MEDaphors.

Depression is a constant dangerous threat to our psyches.

So we must be vigilant and on guard to keep Old Man Depression and his lying, intrusive shenanigans from destroying our happiness.

This forum is such a great resource for us all.

Fellow depression sufferers please don't despair.

There is always a way out of the depression cave.

Good day to all.



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Goodnight to all....it's good to hear some of you still like this thread.

Although I know it can perhaps be a bit of a boring one, it's comforting nonetheless.

Sending love to you guys. You are genuinely in my thoughts. We share a lot with each other here and there is genuine care and compassion  flowing through this site.

You guys are awesome. 

🛌 zzz

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