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Effexor XR Withdrawal - blehh!!

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I'm on a Effexor xr too. I'm not looking forward to coming off or to the time it takes to come off to wean off. I hope that my doc will give me some low milligram benzos to help . I would gladly will not gladly but I would accept all those withdrawal symptoms if I didn't have to have severe anxiety. Last time I went up a dose in Effexor I experienced severe anxiety for a week. Same thing for going down a dose. Brutal. Hang in there. Prevail. If it gets too much just pick a dose stay on it for 2 weeks and then go down 37.5 for two weeks each time

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On 9/9/2018 at 5:05 PM, MakeThePainGoAway said:

This is day 8 of going cold turkey (don’t yell at me for going cold turkey lol). I feel awful. Better than the day before but still awful. Nausea, brain zaps, painful chills etc etc. this is my second time going cold turkey and I don’t remember the first time being so awful. anyone have similar experiences?  

You need to gradually drop the dosage, and then if your body copes well then drop again, sooner or later you will either be taking a very low dosage or you will have successfully gone cold turkey. I do wish you good luck. 

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