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Aidan from Ireland.. The 10 Med Mad Man

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Hey, Aidan here from Ireland. I live in a the Dublin mountains.

I’m going to try and be short, as per the advice,


Alcohol; I’m sober 8 years,

Opiates, I am clean a year 

l am fighting Gambling now.



EUPD (.Great enhancements with DBT)

GAD    (Large amount of somatic aspects)

OCD   (Includes Tics

PTSD (Sexual Abuse as a child)

Chronic Pain Disorder (my arms!)


How am I?

Good. I am 38,I get abused from most people, as I take a lot of meds. Job for 18 years. Social life, I drive, I have my own home.

My main issue is being seriously assaulted at 14 and drink and drugs took over. 

Meds - Don’t Judge me. I am 6Ft3, 240 lbs, that s a little overweight caused my weight gain.



Effexor         300 MG XL

Lamictal      100MG

Diazepam    10MG

Seroquel XR 100MG TDS

Seroquel IR.  25MG TDS

Lyrica             200MG TDS

Gabapentin   200MG TDS

Lithium           900MG

Anafranil        100MG

Risperdal        1MG


We had a lot of chopping and changing to get there. 




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All at once? Wow... i took seroquel once and couldnt get off the couch for 2 days. I guess whatever works...glad your doing ok at the moment. Sounds like your jumping from one addiction to another though. Maybe you should try to shift it to exercise or weighlifting, something good for you.

Anyway, lots of nice people here. Welcome.

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Hi Aidan, 

Congrats on being sober and clean, that’s quite an achievement 😊 It sounds like you’ve been through a lot. I hope things continue to get better for you. 

Please know that no one is here to judge you, but to support each other. 

I look forward to reading your posts 

warm wishes 


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Hello @Steveab63

Actually, Risperdal has been replaced by Trileptal. But ten meds yes, I have a massive tolerance for Meds.

 The lyrica and Gabapentin and Trileptal are for my pain issues and  by the way a couple are at bed. Lot of surgery after a car crash where I had to be cut out out,  not my fault. I’m back driving after therapy.

I think we are all different re tolerance. I built up the Seroquel which is helpful for pain too!!

I am exercising a good deal now.



Thank you both very much. Very kind.


Did anyone see my other post “How to edit” my post -saying “Hey Meds etc had spelling mistakes (as I used my phone) and I am OCD re spelling lol)

I hope I am not the person on the highest amount meds on this site, but look they let me lead a normal life!



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