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Ecitalopram 20mg & Aripriprizole

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I was diagnosed in May 18 with BP2, rapid cycling. The Dr prescribed me Lamotragine, and later introduced Aripriprizole and Ecitalopram The problem I’m having is I’ve gained nearly 20lbs since I was diagnosed. 


I understand this is a common symptom of the meds, but I’m an athlete and for me to get where I want to be, which is international standard, the standard I’ve been at before, I really need my weight to be decreasing the more I exercise, not increasing! 


I mentioned this to my Dr. who suggested me reducing my Lamotragine, I’m now on 50mg twice p/day, but the weight is still increasing. 


I forgot to take my 2.5mg Apripriprzole a few days ago, so I’ve continued without it. I’m 5days without as of today. 

I’m hoping I can go without it and the weight will drop. I’m desperate!


Can anyone relate to my experience and give me some advise please.....ahhhhh, I feel so fed up of thinking all of this through. 


Thank you.


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I can relate to what your going through. I have to be very strict with my diet so that I don't gain too much.Im on Remeron and Pristiq. I do my best to avoid added sugars,bread,pasta, desserts.  I m surprised your doctor thinks that lamotrigine is the culprit for your weight gain because usually that's a weight neutral med. Your weight increasing is more likely the aripiprazole and or the escitalopram. The aripiprazole can play with blood sugar and cause cravings. The idea is you should try and get yourself in a position where your taking the least amount (doseage) of the meds to control your mood and reap the benefits while at the same time eating as healthy as you can to minimize weight gain side effects of the meds. Some people gain on these meds and some don't. More research is coming out that high sugar and carbohydrate (not fats) diets is whats causing the obesity crisis in America. Try to cut back on simple carbs (added sugar,fruit juices, ) Georgia Ede has a great website. Shes a psychiatrist who promotes a ketogenic diet and shes seeing great results from her clients. Check out her website its www.diagnosisdiet.com. She has some great lectures on diet on youtube too. I like her because shes one of the few psychiatrists that is also knowledgeable about diet and nutrition.  Good luck Im sure youll find the healthy balance your looking for.

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