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Controlling my Toxic Personality

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Here's the short of it; I lost 4 friends (at the same time) who claim I have a (verbatim) a "s*itty personality" however, as much as I admit to having rage outbursts that grow in abundance, I believe that I am somewhat justified in having it because whoever lived a couple of years grows tired of the modern world and it's cringy, double standards society; dealing with it usually results in thoughts involving firearms, destruction and doing damage. 

Can anyone suggest some tactics maybe, for a guy who hates pretty much 95% of everything that exists and 97% of people?

Thanks everyone and God bless.

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15 hours ago, morecoffee said:

Try saying only positive or neutral things for a while, even if it's not what you actually are thinking. After a while you'll actually start thinking more positive things, plus people won't think you're a total jerk, and that will help your self-image.

Thank you for the response, I really should keep trying this out; even if it's just to develop a new reflex. (As opposed to lashing out and cursing as I tend to do in a non-professional setting) 

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If youre willing tp expose yourself to all of the touchy feely stuff that a lot of guys avoid, maybe look into why youre actually PO'ed. Is it really the current thing, or are you p***** that youre dad left when you were 8, or your mother never stopped him from beating the crap out of you when he was drunk. A lot if people carry stuff like that around for years, and they take it out on everyone else but the one(s) they are really mad at. The above are just examples of course, but it illustrates the idea.

You also have to learn that the only person you can control is yourself. A lot of people burn a lot of energy trying to break that rule, but its the truth. You can put a gun to someones head, and tell them to do something, and they can still tell you to go to hell. The old:"you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink" thing.

Theres a saying in psychology that no one can make you feel a certain way, its your reaction that makes you feel that way. Not sure i believe that either, but if certain people rub you the wrong way, maybe you need to hang out with different people.

So there's councellors and anger management classes, stuff like that. You may want to consider that over jail, which is the likely result of 'going off' on someone.

Good luck.

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