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Can a Schizoaffective episode happen w/a BPII diagnosis?

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In a crazy intense period of     stress & anxiety for a 2-month period this summer, I began to have some breaks from reality in the form of auditory and tactile hallucinations.  This has been really difficult to face, I feel alternately terrified and ashamed.  

I’ve had other illnesses ( OCD, depression, anxiety, bulimia & anorexia  and now BP2. )        

It’s having these schizoaffective episodes that’s been really disheartening to me.  How strange it is to think, “....this is my life at 62, how did I get HERE?)  

Has anyone had schizoaffective psychotic episodes like this while diagnosed with Bipolar 2?

Ive accepted the hypomania and depression, even the rapid cycling times. I just am unprepared for this. what to do - I don’t know there to go.? 

Thank you for listening,



(I posted this in the bipolar forum without any success, maybe  here I might get better results) 



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hi @Katzenjammer -- It is not uncommon for psychotic episodes to happen in bipolar. Both Schizophrenia and Bipolar illnesses have certain aspects they share, some common and some uncommon.

While in a manic state, you may well become psychotic -- hearing things and seeing things that are "real". By this, I mean real to you at the time, but of course, if you were to ask someone physical and external from you about them, they would say no it's not real (as it's part of your illness.)

While on the other hand, in a severe depressive episode, you may well have such an intense mood swing that it triggers a mood disorder (such as schizo-affective illness or psychotic depression) but unlike schizophrenia, your mood is more affected by psychotic symptoms and the reverse is true, your "schizo" or psychotic symptoms may well become more intense from the mood aspect of the illness and how intense it is.

As for "dealing" with these symptoms, there's no hard and fast rule. It depends on the condition, help and support you have and how intensely you feel the symptoms. There are self help books and self help groups on the subject, but most importantly, you have to be in a situation that allows you to step back and take action, to fully understand the illness and symptoms.

You could, look over the cognitive distortions to gain insight into your thinking processes and what distortion may well be at play in a certain situation that has a knock on affect on mood and/or symptoms. I have posted these in this forum.


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