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Can you have a schizoaffective episode if you ha e a BP2 diagnosis?


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During a very intense period of stress and anxiety that lasted close to 2 months this summer, I had several experiences characterized as auditory and tactile hallucinations.  This has been really difficult to face - Im not sure why this is so tough. I feel alternately terrified and ashamed.  

I’ve had several mental disorders, including OCD, depression, anxiety, bulimia & anorexia (and now BP2. ) But having these schizoaffective episodes, as my psychologist calls them, has been really disheartening to me.  I guess part of this is that I can’t believe that this is my life at 62 and am at a loss to explain how it got so bad.  

Has anyone had “breaks from reality” or episodes like this while diagnosed with Bipolar 2?

I accept that I’ll have to live the hypomanic and depressive parts that make up BP2 (even the rapid cycling times) ,  I just am unprepared for this. 

Thank you for listening,






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I hope it's not too late for me to reply here.

If you ask me, yes you can.

Personally, I do not believe I have bipolar 2, though I had, at one time, been diagnosed with bipolar 2 with psychotic features. Then I was told I had major depressive disorder. Then I was told, "it's not exactly schizophrenia", which what I believe I have is not. My counselor told me I had MDD, but when we researched in the DSM manual book (number 4 maybe?), she and I looked at the criteria for schizoaffective bipolar type and, the thing I was diagnosed with when I was hospitalized... schizotypal. I have also been told, again at one time, that I had DID (dissociative identity disorder).

I don't think any of the docs where I'm at knows what they're doing, at all.

I don't have mood swings. I'm usually depressed, or a bit apathetic. When I do get happy, I know it won't last long, and don't expect it to.

I have those breaks from reality, I believe. I hear the voices, they yell, whisper, talk over each other, cause their voices to be thrown to make me think it's on the other side of the room.. And i see those shadow people, the ones where that if you look directly at them, they try to disappear or try blending in with its surroundings.

I know the government have sent people to mess with me and my mind. They use that cloak of invisibility, and were hiding behind the bushes in the front yard. I could hear them, and feel them walk by me, but not see them. I know they're just testing it on people who they know are vulnerable, just to see the reaction.

One of the shadow people told me about the cameras. He pointed it out at night, the telephone poles in our yard, on the line, there's a orange light that is off in the day but at night you can see it.. and it's recording. The police in my town don't like me or my mom because we have been targets by the neighbourhood kids, and they destroy our property and they killed two of our cats.

So that's why the camera. They're only watching our house. And speaking of that, maybe the shadow people are the soldiers in the cloak of invisibility. I can still see their shadows, somehow. I see them out the corner of my eye a lot, and something strange happened in my kitchen last night. There was a ghost that made a noise and then ran past me, behind me. I got scared and ran to my room. My dog was in there with me. So I felt more safe.

Ahh! That's where the voices come from. Those soldiers. OMGOSH you gotta hear this... I went down the hall one night and when I came to my room, I turned on the light, and my deodorant was hoovering in mid-air, then it flew sideways and landed in my dog's bed. Our house is very haunted. Mom has seen dad walk down the hall, but only his clothes. No head. But daddy died from cancer.

Katzenjammer, you're 62? My mom's 63. That's neat.

I understand, its hard to think about how you get in the shape you're in... me too. It' like, I feel like i was a teenager just last week or something... and I weighed so much less. Now i'm overweight because of the medications. I"m on more than just psych meds. For different things like diabetes type 2, kidney stones, bladder problems, high cholesterol and blood pressure, and very few things for the pain i have.

The following is from my introduction on the member's intros...

I'm on Wellbutrin (to also help me quit smoking... so far I'm still smoking. I quit 3 days back in June, but went back to it), I'm also on lorazepam and abilify. I'm going to talk to my psych doc about changing all of them.. one of them my insurance don't pay for anymore, and I'd like to be back on Cymbalta again, it worked. I used to be on Risperdal, and it worked pretty well, but I got gynecomastia from it.

I've been told I have like … 4-5 different diagnoses, but my psych doc who only spends 5 minutes with me at a time, writes down one thing... my counselor says I have something else. So I have no idea what I really have. And I'm too embarrassed to tell what they said I have. Maybe someday I'll tell. Maybe i'll wait til I get on the right forum thread to post about it.

I have physical disabilities too, not just the mental stuff. I have degenerative disc disease, in my spine, and I've had one surgery already, fusion. My neck is next. I don't look forward to it. I"m sensitive to get headaches easily. I fear I'll have constant headaches if I let them mess with my neck. Every disc in my lumbar and cervical spine are degenerating, with herniated discs, bone spurs and spinal stenosis.

Sorry this is so long. If you made it this far, yay 🙂


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