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having problems finding a girl

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im having such a hard time finding  any girls around my area i live new jersey, i mean that's why i have been single for a long time because there's hardly any girls around my area, most of the people that live around here are old people and families, most of girls around here you will find are in drive thrus, mall in ---- nj and a bar in ------ which everything is out of my comfort zone because im so afraid to do it. one girl liked me at the gas station around the corner but she left for college lucky me.

does anyone have advice on what should i do?

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Hi toughfighter83,

     I can feel for what you are going through and facing from my own personal experience, but sadly I don't have any good advice.  Hopefully others here will have something useful and helpful to offer.  I feel like I am in the same boat as you are or at least different boats in the same ocean.  Sure hope you can find something that helps!!!  - epictetus

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My friend you have come to the right place for the hook up.

Well if you have a car you can find girls at church, social events,

ball games, the store, shopping malls and here on the internet.

Social media is now the going thing join a single dating web site,

or talk to some of your friends who may know someone.  If there are any

colleges or university near by or towns that are within 25 to 50

miles radius would be good to go site seeing. 

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3 minutes ago, BeyondWeary said:

I agree on a internet dating site that is good. Can someone you know recommend one?

It would be safer and you would have more options I think.

OkCupid, Tinder, Plenty of Fish are sort of the standard free ones. Or at least they were when I was single.

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