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Paxil and wellbutrin to control appetite

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Hi All,

I am currently taking paxil 25mg XR and have found a significant resurgence in appetite. its like I cant stop thinking about food and every day is a constant struggle. The upside is that paxil essentially erases my anxiety! I feel great on it. I took zoloft for a while which helped but was not nearly as effective. I also tried wellbutrin which really helped with appetite but did nothing for anxiety.

i was wondering if anyone tried paxil and wellbutrin combined? did it help? any side effects? I worked really hard over the past 2 years to lose weight, I lost 60 pounds,and I am terrified of gaining it all back.


Thanks to all my brothers and sisters!

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I took Paxil for about two years and it can make you eat more, where

as Wellbutrin tend to slow your appetite down.  However, I stop taking

Paxil for Wellbutrin.  Paxil made me more aggressive and less tolerant

of people.  So, I went to Wellbutrin which cause me to have a real bad dry

cough.  While taking both medication my weight did not change a lot because

I tried really hard to watch what I ate and I drank a lot of water to help curb

my appetite.  I pray that these medicine work for you and it does not cause

your weight to increase.   

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