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Mixing prescribed meds for ultimate results.

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First of, I'd like to say, please don't do anything without talking to your psychiatrist or doctor. That being said. I suffer from somewhat of a severe anxiety. GAD.

I have always been looking for the perfect mix or single medication to do the trick with my anxiety and apart from xanax, I wasn't able to find one. Lexapro was able in stopping the panic attacks. But I just discovered a mix of meds that might really help. 

I'm currently on 1mg of klonopin 3x a day, 25mg hydroxyzine 3x, Lexapro and Gabapentin. This has severely impacted my anxiety for the better. It is really doing wonders. 

I decided to write this post, because the science of psychiatry is very hit or miss and you have to wait t a whole month to see if something works or not. 

So I suggest you asking your psychiatrist whether you should switch to this meds regimen and see if he'll comply and think it's a good idea. Only the klonopin is a controlled substance, so you might not get such a backlash over it. 

But Google those 3 meds, Klonopin (If you're already on a benzo), gabapentin + hydroxyzine. you'll see what works on what and see that it has potential. 

I'd love for someone to maybe add some points or change this idea because I'm not a health professional. But I have suffered from depression and anxiety since I was 14. So please, give me your feedback on this. 


Thank you very much. I greatly appreciated it. 

Have a nice day!



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