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Bullies of the Spirit

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My story:


I been Bullied my Whole Life by someone 

or  some, thing (Spirit) and I was taught 

by my mother first and then by God to

stand up first for myself and then years 

later to stand up and try to Help others, 

Who wasn’t Quite strong 💪 enough yet to 

fight for themselves and that is why I 

try to say something Positive because 

I’m fighting along with you to Survive 

Another day to try to help someone to

try to help somebody else, who is new

to the Fight of Spirt or Your Soul.

Be Blessed My Friends


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I know what it’s like to be under spiritual attack.  It’s horrible.  Drove me to despair and nearly to suicide.  You can’t fight back on your own.  You need spiritual help, and you can call on it.

Of course very few will believe or understand such things.  Years ago I didn’t particularly believe in the reality of the spiritual world and spiritual beings, both good and evil.  But now I know without a doubt that it’s all very real. 

Keep praying and hold tight to faith. 

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