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Too,Blessed to be Stressed


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On yesterday I had  a major scare while 

going to see my mother, I  started having 

major  spasms and chest pains near my 

throat and I couldn’t hardly breathe.  I

ended  up at the ER and was given a EKG

test and my vital signs were monitored 

for hours.  The Dr was not sure 🤔 what caused 

it, so today I got to go get a stressed 😫 

test done on my heart ❤️.  

I just want to say try to enjoy 😊 your life 

the best you can because we really are 

Too Blessed to be Stress and I have lived

another day to say I love everyone of my 

brothers and sisters, who are going

through  another day of suffering on

this side.  Hang in there and try to say 

something positive today because who

knows it could be the very last thing 

you ever do on this side.

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