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maybe we were born to suffer that illness as a genetic factor in our genes


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i believe in that after suffering for 1.5 years with total loss of any positive feelings as i happened to live in a hell with a never ending anxiety with never ending negative feelings and those feelings made me cry all the time as they forced me to think about suicide as an option to escape until i found the right meds for me then the negativity stopped all together and the feeling sensation of lightheadedness start to happen i managed to feel positive feelings and started to live with them...the only meds worked for me were prozac and ritalin that i take during the day and 450 mg seroquel at nights...still i am totally anti social and having no social life but i am glad i don't suffer like i did earlier.

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Well, I'm sorry to hear that you still are not as social as you would like.

To be honest with you, you are probably better off without all the drama that

comes with people hating on one another.  I'm not all that social myself but

I can do enough to do my job that involves dealing with people.  Hang in there

my friend and maybe they can help find you a better medication that can help

you with this.

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This is an interesting theory and I am sorry to hear how rough it has been for you lately.  I have been there for 25 years it was negative thoughts, feelings and so much self loathing.  I can tell you though that has changed!  So there is hope!  We are all searching to help us fill that hole....when I finally found what I was searching for my life changed.  For me that is God.  Have you talked to a counselor, pastor, mentor?  This might be a good start.  I commend you for chatting about it on here and am praying for you.  -Rachel

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