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How come when feeling low we tend to withdraw from everyone? I feel like it would be human nature to want to be around more people when we are down for support, but I especially tend to not want to talk to anyone.

maybe it's because when I'm feel really low, I feel lonely on the inside even though I can be around family and friends. I just think it's an interesting concept.

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Yes, a lot of people dont know how to react or help us anyway, maybe we kind of know this and dont bother. Plus many of us are inconsolable in our state anyway.

It sucks in any case.

Maybe if we had a friend with depression, they would understand and could help. I never had anyone like that though.

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Secret hideaway.

Sometimes I think of my depression as a secret hideaway.

But I must remind myself it's a TEMPORARY secret hideaway.

All of us need to take temporary shelter in our depression cave from time to time.

Of course if we go too deep and get lost and trapped then oh yeah we got trouble in River City and no joy in Mudville.

Don't lose sight of  your ENTRANCE/EXIT when talking temporary shelter.



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You make a good point it would seem that we would want to be

around people when we are really hurting.  However, for some of us

it is people, who make us feel our worst because they do not always

understand the ups and downs that we can experience in a matter of

minutes.  We can be find one moment and down in another just like that

and some people would call us crazy for that.  So, I can see why some of

us would shy away from people because we do not want to be seen as

a odd ball.


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