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Starting prozac a few hours ago. I thought of using this site to record my progress. Hopefully it will be therapeutic for me but also help others.

My depression got really bad about 3 years ago after taking birth control and other hormone drugs for my pcos. I did different hormone drugs for about a year and 6 months. DoING that period I changed. I am still haven't got back to that old me. I also started citalopram around the time of hormone treatment. I only use it for 2-3 months..felt nothing. BUT I stop it because it broke me out.

At the time of hormone treatment I became clear minded to aggressive  to crying being emotional mess. I tried all types of hormone treatment in a 2 year period. My relationship turn to the worst. My boyfriend was on medication too that also changed him to the worst. We both stop medications and we are still not the same. I was this logical person that really never cried... to a women that cry all the time..He was a very tender person to I still dont' recognized.

I tried paxil for a year.. did nothing. I took this after stopping hormone meds for months. I was still up and down and emotional.

Recently took wellburtrin.. first month was fine. It clear my brain fogs...give me energy,clarity,focus, and i just felt great. Then I became fatigue and in pain. I spent a few months playing around trying to adjust medication. Which causes me to be up and down mood. Tried the xr version  and had a anxiety attack. I also  I became manic. Also tried adderell around this time...for brain fog,clarity,focus,and energy. Aderell give me some energy ..put me in a OK mood until it wear off..aND my memory aprove some too . But I am still depress..and having anxiety. 

Doctor wanted to try lamictal next..which I refuse for now..prozac is the next drug.  I am still taking adderell for adhd. It make me jittery so I am not taking it often.

Hope this work..I am waiting for my peace..🙄


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Cont'd recording on prozac.


1.cont'd emotions up aND down..like it have been for awhile.

2. Cont'd anxiety. Had anxiety since the end off taking wellburtrin and cont'd since stoppng it. 

3.Stop adderell on this day. To see if anxiety go away. Took adderell off and on for about 2 weeks. But the anxiety came before adderell.

4.head hurt,chest pain ,and headaches and nervousness.

Aug 5

•Anxiety ..decide to take magnisum which help . •Stress some bUT talk through it.

Aug 6

•Anxiety in the morning that's it. Again talk thru it. I notice a ittle control in my emotions. Also havin more brain fogs

Aug 7

•anxiety at doctors appointment. But calm and felt logical at the same time. I believe I am still withdrawaling from wellburtrin or adderell. Later doing day I took new med dexedrin 10mg..for adhd. I immediately felt great. Anxiety left think clear,had energy,and fog gone.

Aug8. Again I am calm with anxiety at the same time. I not sure if I am still having withdrawal's from wellburtrin or it the come off of the adhd meds. I think I going to ask doctor for a very low dose of dexedrine. Need something for my focus and memory. I also notice today that I was getting into my emotions but didn't have a crying spell. I was able to see things more clearly. Not sure if it was the prozac or dexedrine. 







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Ok it's now sept. 2. I have been taking dexedrine 5mg about every other day since Aug 14. It do not work like it did the very first time. But I keep it for energy. I do have some days of problem sleeping..and some days I sleep too much. After a few days of not taking it..I become very jittery. So I am in fear of taking this for long.  Prozac..I am not stress like I was. I not sure if its the prozac or I just don't have a lot of stress right now. I did became depress a week ago...but it' wasn't bad. It was just down days. Sex drive is gone. I am also takin a vitamin called neur plus. It's a brain vitamin. I swear in 2 days I seen a difference in my body. I am in search of finding a herb to take with prozac for sex drive. 

I also starting school on the 4th. Which for some reason I am not nervous. I am not over thinking like I usually do.

Also church helping me. I started going to church I believe July 29. This really helping me to stay balance. 


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On 8/28/2018 at 2:37 PM, B from NJ said:

Lee Lee are you by chance perimenopausal? You mentioned the hormone treatment, etc.  I believe I am going through this as well. 

Hi..I actually have a hormone imbalance. I was about 10 years old when they find out what was wrong with me. I was very hairy at a young age. I had breast by 3rd grade. My testosterone levels was high for a female. I also was prediabetic since that age and I am now 33. Around 18 they couldn't understand why I haven't received a period yet. Late teens they give me birthcontrol to get a period. It made me sick so I stop. From that age to now I may get a period on my own once a year. This is why around 31 I started the birthcontrol again. For about over a year. I tried so many types of hormone medications.  It only made me mental unstable. Like I said in my first entry. I haven't had hormone medication for over year and half. Might be 2 years. I am still off.  That hormone treatment's put me in a dark please. 

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