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Bad urges


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Prayer and quoting Bible verses helps but that might not be your thing. Yet God is living and active and so is His word. Maybe you could ask Him to show you He is real and loves you. If not, do you have some positive music to listen to or sayings you could repeat until the urge passes?

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I would suggest to definitely throw yourself into hobbies. I know you said that distraction doesn't always help, but maybe if you expand your interests outside of music and things at home? I'm not prone to self harm except in extreme situations, so I'm not much help (sorry!) but I just figure maybe if you have a variety of different distractions, outside of music, that you could switch between everything when one isn't working? Even just being outside of the house could help, I'd imagine. Just to hang out in a bookstore or coffee shop. 

Maybe even just take a walk until it passes. Or do a chore like dishes or cleaning your room to keep your hands busy. Maybe write. Talk to someone, take a shower, make something to eat.

It doesn't always have to be hobbies or projects... just think about something to keep you busy for the next ten minutes, 20 minutes. Enough little things, even helpful, necessary tasks can get you through an urge.

Most of all, it seems like your conscious of the urges, which is a good first step. I believe in you. Believe in yourself and you can get through the worst of it.

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@lackluster   Literally I stopped harming myself after talking to my therapist and psychologist. I didn't stop immediately, but the urges to harm myself has gotten much lesser after talking to them. The urges was intense before I see them.

I hope it works for you too. 

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