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Cold Shower Therapy after 3 days, is it really working?


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I have had an issue where I have just lost interest in everything I love to do, gaming, movies, just going out and socializing...I have been reading about cold showers and decided to take the plunge (no pun intended) and after just 3 days of taking a 2 minute cold shower (I mean cold, shower turned up to max power - hot water all the way off cold water all the way up) and today I am hooked on a game I have not played in over a year and also psyched because I just got back from brunch and had a great time. I don't know if it is a placebo or if it is actually really affecting my mood and more importantly my interest in doing the things I used to love, I'd love to hear any other opinions..why would a cold shower make me interested in the things I lost interest in? - and if you have any opinions on how to take a better cold shower to improve even more I'd love to hear it, thanks!

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I agree with @Wizardwarrior315...if it's helping, then keep it up! There's no harm in it.

I've recently heard about some beneficial effects of cold showers. It's called hydrotherapy. It's not very well reseached but has a lot of anecdotal evidence.

The idea is that the cold "shocks" the system (similar to an electric shock). In addition, it constricts your blood vessels and encourages blood flow to your core (heart, organs, brain) instead of surface and limbs. This can activate noradrenaline in your system, which can help with some depression symptoms.

Cold water is also really good for skin and hair, for what it's worth.

Anyway, for the last minute or two of my showers, I've been rinsing in cold water. Not sure if it helps, but it's definitely invigorating and energizing, which may also explain why it helps you.

Either way, if it's helping, keep doing it!! I hope it keeps working for you!!

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i think it would never work for a long term solution although  it would give you some positive effects temporarily ...the root of your problem lies deeper and to cure it permanently it would take some effort...i've been into to this nonsense torture and suffering at the end i felt some inner peace but i've suffered enough to find it.

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