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Finding Happiness Inside...


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Realize you are a strong independent person. Don't ever doubt your abilities and talents. Don't see yourself as unlovable or unworthy. We all are worthy. We all have purpose.  

Be positive. Wake up with a smile. Go to bed with a smile. 

Nothing is as bad as it seems.

Everything will be ok.

There is hope.

Every problem has a solution.

When you have happiness inside, the depression fades.

Dark can not co-exist with light, light vanquishes the dark!

Be happy. Be proud. Make your dreams a reality!

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Hi Lackluster,

A little over a year ago I was in a really bad place. I nearly ended it all and I sure glad I didn’t! I’ve made some serious changes in my life and things are amazing now. I know I still have to take my meds, pray every day, and stop to think before I say or do something stupid. But my relationship with my family has improved, three wonderful grandchildren to watch grow, I’m involved with my church, and most of all I’m happy about myself. I’m at a point of my life where change is difficult, but I managed, with the help of God, my doctor, a therapist, and my wife, to make some important changes that lifted me out of the darkness I was in.

You are young and can change many things in your life if you want to. Figure out what you need to lift yourself up. Find people who can help you. You CAN do it!

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I'm confused about your post. Are you posting to encourage others or are you writing those things as words others have spoken to you? Either way, they are words of truth and anyone reading them would be wise to heed them! 

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