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BPD; otherwise known as a trust-allergy?

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Hi cheshire_chick,

That certainly seems like a reasonable feeling.  Trust is not only extremely difficult and potentially beyond one's abilities, but creates a highly vulnerable sphere of existence that can cause a wide range of thoughts and feelings that could be just as severe as a reaction to an allergen.  Therefore, it is completely reasonable to want to avoid it like someone with a peanut allergy would avoid peanuts.  The major difference would be the reality that trust is something that plays a role in everyday life - in every encounter, every relationship.  

I'd definitely say that your post is an insightful one.

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I'm not convinced. I don't have a diagnosis of BPD, but I don't relate to other people in a 'normal' sort of  way, and the doctors have always treated this as abnormal. For some reason, they keep touting a trusting romantic relationship with someone of the opposite sex as the beginning of a cure to my major depressive disorder, which I find confusing and a little offensive, especially as they see me as abnormal for not wanting what they think I should. It may not be an 'allergy' to trust, so much as just being wired differently in general. But I'm not an expert.

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