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Help! How do I convince myself that my irrational thoughts are just thoughts


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As the title says, I have irrational thoughts - concerning my body. 

In my country, there is a diagnosis called Schizotypy, which is the one I received a few years ago.

One of the for the diagnosis goes something along the lines of "having ruminations about a defect body part", which basically means that the individual spends a great amount of time thinking about a part of their body, which the individual believes is ugly/disgusting when in fact it is not. Very similar to body dysmorphia. Out of all the symptoms I have, these thoughts bring me the greatest pain and suffering. However, despite me knowing that this is actually a symptom of the disorder I was given, I STILL cannot convince myself that this is all in my head.

I believe it is the same deal for people with anorexia. Despite everyone telling the person with anorexia how skinny they are and despite how small the number is when they weigh themselves, they STILL believe they are fat. I think my case is very similar to that of an anorexic in that regard.

I have tried meds and I have spoken to professionals about it in therapy. However, nothing has helped me with these thoughts. Over time, the other symptoms that I have, have improved. I have also gotten a bit more confidence, my social skills have improved etc. - but these thoughts have not improved whatsoever.

Since other people cant talk me out of these thoughts, my strategy for a long time has been to distract myself. It seems to be the only solution right now to easen the pain of these thoughts. 

So my question is: How do I convince myself that these thoughts are all in my head? That what I see in the mirror is not what others see? And does anyone know how anorexia is treated? 

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Hi, I am sorry you are suffering from this thoughts. It sounds like body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) but in no way I am a mental health professional nor this is a diagnose. I suggest getting checked by a psychiatrist o therapist with experience on OCD because BDD falls into the spectrum. I don't know it helps but the way I battle my intrusive thought OCD, that may be the same way to battle BDD, is to let those thoughts flow, don't  battle them, hear them and don't resist. Then label those thoughts as irrational/noise/trash any way you like it. Resist checking on the mirror and when you do let the thoughts flow.

I hope it helps in some way.

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Hi GoldenOne! Sounds like you have persevered a lot. What helps me is to know and believe the good things God says about me in the Bible. Then as the thoughts come, I picture them like a river flowing by. Some I chose to engage with, others I chose to let go on by, and the ones that jump out to get me, I check out to see if it’s true and if not I throw it back in.  Don’t know if this would help any but hope things get better for you. 

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