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Can I be depressed without "feeling"" it?


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I am sure this has been asked 100 different ways.  At least to my "mind" I don't feel anxious or depressed.  However, I've felt very fatigued for over a year and had every medical test imaginable to rule out a physical illness.  I have had three panic attacks the last year that sent me to the ER, with rapid heartbeat and shortness of breath. For the last two months it has been acute, always short of breath, palpitations 24x7 (often without an increase in BP or HR). Constantly chilled on my back and very heat intolerant as well. I sleep well, but I normally feel poorly after I wake up (cold most of the day) . I enjoy eating, but I always feel an energy drop after I eat. All through the day I have energy drops for no reason if I am not out and engaged in something. In fact,  any time I am out and engaged in an activity, the minute I get home, energy drop. If I hang around the house I have no energy. If I don't have anything physically wrong with me, can the fatigue be coming from depression?  I don't feel sad and not that anxious, but could a brain chemical imbalance be causing physical symptoms?

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I've been felling like that lately, but in addition I've also been catching the flu quite often. So right now I'm changing my diet to more veggies and less processed food (easier said than done unfortunately). Has there been any trigger you've been able to identify? I find that whenever may panic attacks come my way I experience that trigger moment a few days before it happens. If you are able to locate the trigger you can maybe isolate whats giving you the panic attacks or whats making you feel low on energy.

Hope you feel better.


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